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Go to Tarif Perdetik

Tarif Perdetik

Dengan tarif perdetik bukan permenit/perpulsa akan menghemat biaya penggunaan telepone sampai 30%.

Go to Flat


Biaya pembicaraan tanpa ada batasan zona dan tanpa ada perbedaaan waktu sibuk/non-sibuk terbukti sangat menghemat biaya.

Go to Dimanapun Lokasi Anda

Dimanapun Lokasi Anda

Layanan kami tidak tergantung dari jaringan kabel fisik dari penyedia telepone tertentu, jumlah sambungan akan tersedia sesuai kebutuhan anda.

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Your complete cloud phone system

We empower businesses to communicate more effectively with their customers

Advanced Cloud Technology

A phone system that adapts to the way you work
Our advanced cloud technology now allows you to be completely flexible and sets new standard of responsiveness

Cloud PBX by ATOZ saves you money on your hosted business phone service. With customers often experiencing savings of up to 70% from their prior telecom service.

There is something for every user. Our VoIP solutions are designed to benefit all industries including Financial Institutions, Logisitics, Trading, Hospitality, Travel and more!

No need to purchase new phones, unless you want to replace with feature rich new IP Phones. ATOZ service works with nearly all brands of IP phones.

Our business VoIP phones are so easy to set up, you'll be up and running within minutes.

Our customers know what they are paying for. No contract, no set-up fee or any hidden fees. Hassle free and add or remove lines anytime.

You'll experience HD voice quality with our high-grade infrastructure providing you with an amazing experience!


This is the solution for your business


Kini Dengan adanya teknologi Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) biaya komunikasi dapat di hemat hingga 30%


Dapatkan sambungan E1 telephone dimanapun lokasi anda.


Panggilan telepon yang menghubungkan tiga atau lebih saluran telepon dalam waktu bersamaan.


Panggilan telepon yang menghubungkan tiga atau lebih saluran telepon dalam waktu bersamaan.

See what makes ATOZ an amazing solution and how we make your business communication economical, reliable and easier for you.